Walks listed with the most recent at the top. There might be some overlap between easy and moderate hikes.


Zhenghan Trail is a short and easy trail that would be suitable for almost anyone. The walk climbs to an outlook which has a memorial to a local man and views over Miaoli’s Zhunan District.


Fire Mountain’s flame-red slopes are an instantly recognisable landmark for motorists driving between Taichung and Miaoli. This formerly restricted nature reserve is home to a Minor 100 Peak, and has some of the most unique terrain that you’re likely to find in Taiwan.


Lion’s Head Mountain in Miaoli is just one of many peaks scattered across Taiwan to be named due to its resemblance to the King of the Jungle. What sets this particular lion apart from the others is its enduring role as a site of spiritual significance. Dotting the mountain’s slopes visitors will find a proliferation of temples, some of which have been open to worshippers for over a hundred years.


Koushan Trail is a short and gentle stroll in Miaoli’s rural Zaoqiao Township. In the days when most travel was done on foot, it was part of the old footpath that used to link the village of Zaoqiao with the village of Tanwen further over towards the coast.

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