If you also enjoy what I write and would like to help pay for the cost of running this site or train tickets to the next trailhead, then feel free to throw a few dollars my way. You can find me on PayPal, Buy Me a Coffee or Ko-fi. And if you just want to keep enjoying the site for free then that’s totally fine too.

So far I have used donors’ contributions to upgrade the site so that I can remove adverts and give it its own domain name for two years, and letting the site pay for itself this way feels great. A little also went towards getting my boots resoled – one year of walking wore them out!

As to why there are there separate options, actually I’m still testing out what works best. PayPal is direct so there’s no cut taken by the service providers, Buy Me A Coffee seems to be a format that most people are comfortable using, and Ko-fi offers a monthly option.

Happy hiking!

Thank you to the kind folk who have donated to the site:


4th March 2023

“I have been in Taiwan for 4 years, and discovering your blog has certainly been a great contribution to making this time so special. I love the way you write, that it is so accurate and useful; and at the same time the nice storytelling. Merci!”


16th February 2023

Thank you for great trail details, giving me confidence to plan my Taiwan hikes from Singapore.

Ms. Zhang

10th February 2023

Ms. Zhang didn’t leave any message. Thank you mysterious person.

Joseph C.

6th February 2023

“Really appreciate the content.”


20th January 2023

“Nice to run into you today!

I bumped into this “Foreign Devil” in the hills near home and had a brief chat.

Marcela V.

19th December 2022

Finding your routes in Wikiloc and then finding your website has made such a difference to my life in this country.”

Marcela made her donation through Paypal and left the sweetest longer message. Marcela, if you read this, Paypal doesn’t give me the option to reply, but I was really moved by your words. I wish you have many happy future adventures.


12th January 2023

“It’s so nice that you’ve carefully archived the information. It’s cool to walk and climb the mountains and roads all over Taiwan!”

Michelle K.

19th December 2022

“Thanks dearly for documenting your adventures, sharing your knowledge, and taking these gorgeous photographs. I’m such a fan of your site!”

This is the first repeat donation received, thank you Michelle! And everyone else, I strongly advise you to subscribe to her and her partner’s Substack newsletter.


15th November 2022

“What a well-made website, wow! Very much appreciate the options of filtering by difficulty and by area. Will definitely donate again once I actually try one of these hikes!

Max A.

2nd November 2022

Max didn’t leave a message, just a much-appreciated donation. Thank you, and happy hiking!


26th October 2022

“Thank you for covering every trail with such precision, I have been on a few hikes following your tips and it was great!”

Sonny H.

17th April 2022

Sonny left nothing except for a generous donation, thank you Sonny!


20th March 2021

Vandana left no message, but from the name left along with the donation, I think she is the creative soul behind Anahata Artisan.


9th March 2022

“We’ve enjoyed so many spectacular hikes using your website and excellent routes. You’ve helped us to explore so many parts of the island that we wouldn’t have been able to access otherwise. Thank you.”

Catherine L.

6th February 2022

“Your account of the Taipei Grand Hike has been invaluable this last week, thank you!”

Catherine has also written about her epic, one week, mud-bonanza challenge. You can find her account of that here.


22nd January 2022

Jaya left no message, but we’ve chatted a bit, and she’s a fascinating, prolific creator and lovely human with blogs (multiple!) and a podcast of her own. Check out the Healthy Taiwan podcast if you’re interested in the intersection of Taiwan and wholistic (not a typo) health.


19th November 2021

“Every blog sharing the beauty of Taiwan’s hiking trails is worth supporting. Thank you for lots of great inspiration for my own adventures!”

Michelle K.

7th November 2021

“Thanks for your beautiful site!”

Michelle and her partner, Albert, have an insightful, beautifully written, and often very moving Substack newsletter that I highly recommend you subscribe to. Each week there are two new posts – one English, one Chinese – which dive into a whole host of Taiwan and Taiwan-adjacent subjects.

Blair C.

23rd October 2021

“Something nice.”


23rd October 2021

“Love your hiking blog. Even more after I have left Taiwan early this year after 4 years with many trails – some of them inspired by you and some walked earlier than you. Now your blog is like returning to some of the lovely places I have been or discover the ones I had not yet been. Thanks”


17th August 2021

“I have a hard time defining just how much I love the outdoors of Taiwan and having your site just gives me access to areas that I may never have found. Thank you!”