Despite being relatively small, Taiwan still has plenty to offer hikers and adventurers who like to push themselves. There are a number of long distance trails that can be done as section hikes (or perhaps stopping at hotels and campsites along the way). Taiwan also has its own set of mountain climbing challenges that would appeal to acquisitive peak baggers.

Find out more about Taiwan’s long distance trails and multi-peak challenges.

Long Distance Trails in Taiwan

Hike the Tamsui-Kavalan Trails

The Tamsui-Kavalan Trails, otherwise known as Danlan Old Trails or Danlan Historic Trails, are a network of paths, tracks and roads which connect modern day Taipei and Yilan. These trails host an abundance of natural delights for walkers visiting at any time of year.

Walk the Taipei Grand Hike

The Taipei Grand Hike is a 92km route through some of Taipei’s most scenic landscape and over some of its most popular peaks.

Take on the Taipei Skyline Trail
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The Taipei Skyline Trail is an almost 200km loop encircling the entirety of Taipei and much of New Taipei.

Taiwan’s Multi-Peak Challenges

Climb the Guguan Seven Heroes

Situated in the inner, mountainous regions of Taichung, the Guguan Seven Heroes are a set of easy-to-moderately difficult peaks which make for some great practise for hikers hoping to scale greater heights in the future.

Conquer the 100 Peaks

The most coveted challenge to conquer is undoubtedly climbing Taiwan’s 100 Peaks. Also known as the Baiyue (百岳), they are a collection of mountains over 3000m in height which have chosen for their beauty or character. It’s a badge of honour amongst Taiwanese mountaineers to have completed the whole set of Baiyue, and climbing the 100 Peaks is such a popular pursuit amongst the local hiking groups that there can often be hundreds of people vying for each spot in the cabins on some routes. So far there is only one Baiyue hike listed on this site – hiking them is not easy to do with a full time job.

Take on the 100 Minor Peaks

While the 100 Peaks tend to demand quite a big commitment in terms of time, money and training, the 100 Minor Peaks are a far more approachable challenge. Also called Xiao Baiyue (小白岳), or Little 100, these summits range from 20m in height (Shetou Hill on Penghu) to 2663m (Mount Data), and are all classified as being “suburban hiking trails” in the local hierarchy of trails. This means that they’re all day hikes and don’t require any special equipment.